It's No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood Anymore

it seems so long, even if i see you every day
its just too long to be apart
every second you ignore me
is another needle in my heart
it runs down my face and pools in the sink
i never dreamed i wouldnt feel the pain
my red tinted reflection is so perfect
since ive demolished my face
dont you love me now?
look at all ive done for you
its much too hard to stay awake
when i learned the lies from truth
what are they?
once they mingled with my blood...
but now i dont remember why
i guess they were liquid worthlessness... always made me cry
youre just so damn good at it though
keep up the effort, maybe itll rid you of me
im sure youd love to see that happen

im sure I WOULD TOO.

by Newo Enec

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Now this is right down my alley. Morbidly brilliant. I hate happy stories with happy endings. Bravo. Adryan