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It's Not Cricket
GS (April 7 1936 / Moe Victoria Australia)

It's Not Cricket

Poem By George Savige

A cricket ball goes whizzing by,
Far across the open sky.
The ball is bowled and hit again
Breaking someones window pane.

And these few kids don't hang around,
They run and hide without a sound.
But someone has to make amends,
So on his way a child wends.

And as he knocks upon the door
He thinks of what he's waiting for.
'Er, Mister Brown, it's me again,
I think we broke your window pane.
We will fix and we will pay.'
This is what he thinks to say.

Before he gets these few words out
Old Mister Brown begins to shout.

'Away from here you nasty kid.
Just have a look at what you did,
And don't come back near me again.
I'm sick of mending window pane.'

He was not kind and good, that's true.
He did not hear this childs view.
This kid who came to make amends,
Now himself from adults defends.

And he'll not trust who older be.
So listen friend, and hear my plea.

If some child should come your way,
Notice what he has to say.
If you decide that this you'll do
That child will always trust in you.

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