It's Not Fair

It's not fair
- - - - - - - -
It's not fair
Miles and miles apart
Though to each other
We are so close and so near
To grow and take roots
A sapling needs soil proper
If bereft of fresh air and sunlight
In no time it may wither
And unless enclosed by a barrier
This crisp-frail bond may splinter
To see it grow to the fullest
Needs to be nurtured with manure
Free from weeds and pests
And to be suffused with water
And it's not fair
If there are no virtues
Like goodness, humility and care
Power and greed are weeds
Jealousy and anger are pests
Unless controlled they may eat up the plant
Indispensable is just as water
For the growth of a plant
So is required water
For nurturing relationship to better
Love and stream of love
Is nothing but we call it water
And it's not fair
Being so close
Yet we are miles apart
And forget virtues fair


Comments (3)

Beautiful poem comparing nature and life. Both requires water for nurturing. Relationship is sure to die if not protected properly. Beautiful presentation. Loved reading it.
Unless we have a heart that knows what truth, respect and love is, that makes our relationships bloom with such beauty of sincere emotions! Stunning write!
Power and greed are weeds Jealousy and anger are pests....a relationship is like planting a tree....great work.................