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It's Not 'Just' A Poem

Your poems are of the heart that speaks.
And they are what makes you unique.
Each one different than before.
Leaving others just wanting more.

But it's not just a poem you share.
It's often times your soul you bare.
A precious and beautiful gift of the heart
and when others read they share a part.

You may think it's just a poem
But when read by others in their homes.
They may read what they want to see,
and it may not be what you wanted perceived.

So that's when you receive a comment,
that leaves your head spinning, spent.
Asking...'Where did this come from?
Oh my goodness what have I done! '

You should never let someone stifle you
For there are no rules for what we do.
That's why we read and write poetry.
It lets us be who we want to be.

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I absolutely Love this poem! A relateable poem always makes it better...and this one certainly is that...I have felt how you feel in this piece of work. Thank you so much for sharing from your heart and keep sharing yourself on here and in your Life... You are a Great poet with much talent...............10! =Shelley=
JoAnn, this is written from the heart where poems often come from. No truer words are spoken my friend. No truer thoughts conveyed. This is beautiful and just what I need today. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David xxx
Absolute truth and beautifully, rather kindly expressed. t x
OH my gosh! This is just what I was writing to you about in the letter I wrote to you only 5 minutes or so ago. Yeah, you put something down and it seems to make total sense, but someone else gets something completely different from it. It's crazy, but it's what makes this interesting. And yes, much of it is baring our souls, for sure. I think we poets are braver than most because we are willing to do it! Sometimes people are not so kind about that, though....so we have to develop thick skins over our vast emotions! Keep that in mind, JoJo, as you keep writing wonderful poems like this one! This is a '10' as far as I'm concerned. I will put my scores in your comment box from now on if that's okay with you? ? ? ? ?
Very true. Nice write.
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