WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

It's Not Just You

Don't you hate it when your fish drowns?
In the darkness come these eerie sounds
When your world is turned upside down
When the mortician is a flipping clown

You wake and your eyes are sobbing
You step in canine droppings
You are woken early from sleeping
All night the baby was weeping

Someone broke your heart
Your car won't start
In the elevator someone farts
Your boss doesn't have any smarts

You're wearing two different socks
You trip over a toolbox
Your doors have no locks
The copy machine won't Xerox

You have no fish to fry
Your life is a big lie
Your cat dies
You have dirt in your eyes

Through your window, someone threw a stone
You broke your cell phone
Your toenails are ingrown
Don't feel bad for you are not alone

You just lost your best friend
People borrow and not lend
Your next meal will come you know not when
The world feels as if it is going to end

Your spouse is found naked at a motel
You fall down the stairwell
Your angle starts to swell
You really feel like hell

When your shoes fit like a glove
All day people push and shove
Rest is all you can think of
Just remember god is love

So many feel as you do
Some go to work with the flu
Before you bid this world adieu
Remember it's not just you

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