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It's Not Love
JMB (February 13,1990 / Sydney)

It's Not Love


Loud noises & screaming.
Once again, I've done something wrong.
I can not fight him off,
He has gotten too strong.
More slaps & punches.
Theres gashes of blood.
I can hear nothing anymore,
Except each & every thud.
He tells me he loves me,
Now, as he sits beside me.
He's saying sorry he hurt me.
It's too late, I can barely see.
Through the pain,
Through the tears.
Through my worries & my fears.
Telling everyone it's nothing,
I fell, it's in balance I lack.
This is his latest pummel,
Still i say nothing, in fear of more trouble.
I could never think otherwise.
It's with him, that I belong.
No one else will want me,
I guess he's not wrong.
So still i stay here and take it,
Until death does us part.
Because I've been brought to believe,
He really loves me somewhere in his heart.

Jessie Mahoney Bathis 17-08-05

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