(04 October 1943 / Germany)

It's Not Much - But I'M Yours

Yes, I will keep you warm
in my cosy lap
and I will muss up your hair.

And no riches are yours
nor mine in this life.
Only the one jewel
which is dressed in
old shirts
and fills musty old sweaters.
They add to your beauty
and cling to your skin.

In the wee hours then
I will be in the kitchen,
baking bread in the morn
as you like it - from corn.

May I feed you in bed
like we stuff the wild ducks?
You shall have the best morsels.

While you slept, the bread baked.
I was thanking my God
for loving me so
that he gave me YOU.

For L

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Comments (4)

If everyone had someone to love them just like this- allow me to tell you that it would be more than just 'not much'. Very nice Herbert.
I see...and believe me, opposites can attract like magnets..this I know for sure.
Actually, to tell the absolute truth, I am hoping that she doesn't find out how extremely lucky I am, even though I have made no secret of it. When I say 'It's not much' I am trying to convince myself that opposites attract.
You're quite a lucky man...or is she the lucky girl? :) Your use of metaphors are admired.... adria