It’s Not Over Yet, It Never Will

Scratch my scar,
You would know how the soul traversed so far,
Prick my bruise,
You would know how the blood dried,
Somewhere in the silence, my agony screams,
My heart is ruptured; you are only left in my dreams,
There are no sounding bells,
Or those shining shells,
The shore is wet with blood,
There’s no luster or that aromatic mud,
Where we built our castle of love,
It’s all gone,
It all slipped with the wave that gulped it mercilessly,
I am shrouded,
I am wandering,
To search for that last touch that I left behind,
The last moment when I looked at you,
My shadow aches,
My hope breaks,
When I see my lifeless face,
There’s no sign of spirit or trace,
Till I die,
I shall walk with the name,
It’s not over yet, it never will!

by Bistriti Poddar Mehra

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