(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It's Not Realistic

It's not realistic,
That everyone can live so posh.
To be massaged and sit in spas.
Or fly in private jets.
Nibbling on petite fours,
And the best of caviar.

It is not realistic,
Everyone can be a 'star'.
Followed by an entourage.
Or rush quickly to a chauffeur driven,
Corniche Rolls Royce car.
Parked outside of the Ritz Hotel.

It isn't realistic,
To have someone shop for them.
While they pop champagne,
To dropp a big tip after eating something exquisite.
As adorning fans watch.
From behind guards who block,
Closer approaches.

Just not for everyone,
Even for those wishing,
As they sit on a dock fishing..
For Tuna in the Ozarks.

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