(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It's Odd We Call You God

Where are You?
Your presence is felt
And my faith keeps You near.
It is clear that I am watched
By forces I can't stop...
Or identify in form.
Yet You adorn my space,
With energy that takes me higher.
With irreplaceable desire,
That keeps a 'light' that is charged!
It's odd we call you God...
When everything You are
Is so much more than a three letter word,
Spoken to encourage those...
To enclose You in some 'shell'
To propose our thoughts to You,
In prayer.
Like a genie in a bottle to be rubbed,
And commanded to dish out wishes!
Hopes and dreams.
Everywhere You are...
There seems to be a vastness that exists.
And 'we' are within this wonder.
Is 'this' You?
Is the nothingness that is everything...
And because of this...
We can not resist seeing You in us?

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Hi Lawrence, good poem I just find it hard sometimes to be spiritual. I guess we get into a rut at times and it's hard to keep the faith. Take care.