It’s Ok

It’s OK to understand
How you feel,
To strive like a comet
Getting closer to your light.

And It’s OK to be free,
And cry for your world,
Like a wall of roaring rain
On a turbulent ocean.

And It’s OK to dream dreams,
And to question God himself,
Like a yearning little child,
Learning to love.

And It’s OK to love life,
And wonder at the world,
Like a wobbly little kitten,
With it’s first shinny toy.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (4)

Just lovely, Sandra.
refreshing lines.all encomapassing. thanks, prakash nair
But opposites attract.....Allan..... H
a lovely little poem, from a lovely lady, your so different from me i'm alway's questioning things, a real naughty boy With a warmth allan