It's One Of Those Days

It's one of those days everything has gone wrong
And anything for you is not going right
Your lover kicked you out and told you live elsewhere
And you don't have a place to sleep tonight.

In the back packers hotel a single room there
Will only cost you fifteen bucks a night
And you may wake a happier man tomorrow
And see things in a different sort of light.

Like you so many fellows have been jilted
And felt love sick for months and even years
Such waste of feelings for one who doesn't want you
And tears of jilted love are wasted tears.

You may feel that today is your worst day ever
If this be so how silly you must be
For there's no shortage of young single women
And she doesn't need you she has set you free.

The World is big and the world is your oyster
And you are young and only in your prime
Enjoy yourself go out and leave your hair down
For love regrets seem such a waste of time.

It's one of those days your girlfriend 'sent you packing'
The one you loved and you hoped would be your wife
But you should put this mild setback behind you
For far worse things will happen in your life.

by Francis Duggan

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