It's Only Money

I smirk when people say 'it's only money' and with very little money we get by
But money it can do a lot for people and not much of course that money cannot buy
And money it can be your greatest ally and open doors to opportunity
If you could make one wish and one wish only I'm sure you would not wish for poverty.

I'm sure you would not wish to be a pauper for that would hardly be a dream come true
But perhaps you might wish for a billion dollars and change
your mind whilst wishing and wish for two
For there is no such thing as too much money with money you can do good for the poor
You can help them for to make a new beginning by making them financially secure.

To all of you who say it's only money you ought to know that words to speak are cheap
The one who struggles to pay his house mortgage for lack of money finds it hard to sleep
He has to support his wife and young children and he has to work hard just to make ends meet
You don't find rolls of notes growing on the tree tops and you don't find rolls of notes along the street.

It's true that money doesn't guarantee you happiness you've heard the tale of the unhappy king
But to those who struggle just for to make ends meet the money is the most important thing
And if you have millions you are very powerful though physically you may seem quite small
And 'it's only money' what a load of rubbish about the most
Important thing of all.

by Francis Duggan

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