It's Only

A kiss is only a kiss
until you have your first one.
A star is only a star
until it becomes a shooting or falling star.
A flame is only a flame
until you look at the intensity with which it burns.
An autumn leaf is only an autumn leaf
until you look at the different colors it can change to.
A song is only a song
until you listen to the lyrics and feel the beat.
A memory is only a memory
until you no longer weep over the sadness of it.
A hug is only a hug
until no one's there to comfort you.
A heart is only a heart
until it is trampled, beaten, and crushed.
A soul is only a soul
until its scars and wounds become life long lessons.
A crush is only a crush
until you do something about it.
A true love is ony a true love
until you spend your life with them.
Life is not life
unless you live it.

by Seren dipitydyke

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Karrie, that was a great concept, one of which I will probably do something of my own too lol.