It's Our Life

It's our life,
It's all up to us,
What do we want from it,
How do we want to see it in future,

It's our choice,
Whether we want to live it beyond limits
Or within defined limits,
Whether we want to live it like hell
Or enjoy it like a careless kid,

Whether we want to Move on the path of our goal
Or doubting the qualifications of ourselves,
Whether we want to Face the difficulties encountered in the path,
Making progress in self made way
Or taking steps back from fear of them,

But Life is extremely beautiful and precious,
So live it to the fullest,
Live it beyond all the limits,
Buckle down every fear
And walk on the way to your destination,
Never judge yourself,
Never underestimate your powers
You are born with.

It's our choice,
What do we do,
Whether we support good
Or bad,
Whether we tolerate the evil
Or resist,
Whether we become the power shield
Or seeing a victim of evil from a distance,

But in every complex situation,
Decision should always be made in that favour
Where we never regret,
Goodness is always working over the evil.

by Larika Shakyawar

Comments (3)

This nicely crafted poem brings to fore the interplay of noble and evil forces in life which terminates in the eternal message that 'Goodness is always working over the evil'. I share your views. Thanks a lot.
A nice poetic imagination, Larika. We can overcome all the difficulties with mind power. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks
Reminds me of the song IT'S MY LIFE popularized by BON JOVI....Highest 10++++