It's Over

In this relationship,
which you have ruined,
I always knew,
I loved you,
more then you loved me,
See...I committed myself to you,
I gave one hundred percent,
I gave my heart and my soul,
I gave my love and my life,
I thought I was the one & only,
What I came to see I was another wifey,
I see, I see....
When you got mad,
I made you happy,
When you felt alone,
I stood by your side,
And still you chose,
To sneak around,
For what was already in your face,
Now on the ground,
Are you happy,
hope you're happy,
Cuz you changed my life,
i wish i could say what i have in mind,
but i dont have time so ill make it quick,
i love you still,
but this relationships over!

by Yolaine Viera

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