(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It's Quicker, Easier And Far More Efficient

How can you predict,
What that person does for another...
Will not be appreciated?

I'm an observer.'

What have you done for anyone 'lately'?

'Not a thing.
I've learned to observe,
With lessons taught to me early.
Most of those who do for others with a giving done,
Are soon critiqued for their deeds.
To then be shown disrespect by the ones,
Who sit to benefit from the efforts made of doers.
And not lift a finger to assist but wish to get paid.'

Everybody is not like that.

'I wouldn't know about 'everybody'.
I don't request from others to take a survey.
I'm an observer.
It's quicker, easier and far more efficient.
And free of contradiction...
Without wasting time soliciting the minds of hypocrities.'

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