SJ (1991 / arizona)

It's Really Quite Surprining

I have an intellectual mentality,
it's really quite surprising,
I once pretended to be ignorant,
despite my compromising,
I waited and watched to see you move,
and when you did i laughed,
you asked me what was funny,
and at that i gasped.

but now I see the manipulation,
of this newly brought ordeal,
so now i know what i must do,
oh how you thought it was surreal,
i knew where you were going at night,
i watched in silent creeping,
but aren't you curios why you passed out?
how could you be suddenly sleeping?

The men in shock and terror watched you,
oh how I found it amusing,
then when we were in the store,
and you were around perusing....(n/f)

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