TM ( / England)

It's Simple, It's Love

It should not be so complicated
Or leave one feeling so frustrated
Nor should it be a mission impossible
With days apart that are so unbearable

Where did that light feeling go
The happy heart she once owned
Forever lost in that little girls dreams
Fairytales are not of this world it seems

Too late now for her handsome prince to come
For this princess is no longer of beauty young
But for her king, who makes her feel like a queen
She still dreams of a real love that reigns supreme

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life is never quite has easy as it should be, the older we get the harder it seems to be, perhaps thats why you girls always go back to knightly dreams.. Andy 10
You are never too old to find love T, your knight in shining armour will arrive when you least expect him, 10+++ Lynda xxx
Patience lady patience it's a long way with horse and lance 10 He'll be there +++ Chris