KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

It's Snowing For Our Mom

It snowed so hard, that December day,
when I found you, it was still at bay,
I know how scared of winter you were,
The cold, the stillness, upon the earth.
We talked of this just days before,
You fell to your knees upon the floor,
I heard you there, with your last breaths,
to guide me to your place of unrest.
You let go just as I sat by your side,
You were crying, trying to hide,
I know you wanted me to come, to help you,
guide you back to the sun.
I laid you down, when you expressed,
your gratitude, and my final test.
I laid you down, saw your loving face,
and blew sweet breath, upon your grace.
You did not fight the life you knew,
you coughed and sputtered,
and came home to play.
Another song, another dance
or just perhaps another chance.
It snowed so hard, I remember it clearly,
It hid the things that hurt you dearly,
the pain, the soil and all exposed
laying itself on the ground
like blankets of white rose.
You held on, did not let go,
you waited and slept, your chest alight,
with breaths you took in your final fight.
I waited and the sons and daughter came.
I could not give up mom,
They wanted not the same.
You cared for us, and tried your best
to teach us about life
and in the end it was death.
You never fell upon your knees,
you took your punches and hid your pleas.
I tried to keep you on the ground,
but no one listened to us,
my words and your breath lay were without a sound.
I saw you fight, to show us all,
that you loved life, and felt the fall,
The snow again, is falling hard,
I wished for this today, just to hear your heart.
I will not give up, on your fight for life,
I know that you, were not dignified right.
Let it snow again mom, for I have found,
it is the sign, I have been praying to abound.
Thank you God, for listening,
There is always time to fight,
if you are whispering...

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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