BB (03/02/93 / Surrey, England)

It's Strong And It's True

I told them all about you
and left not a single detail
your smile and your eyes
and when you called me babe
I said you made me happy
and I told you I loved you
that it was strong and it was true
then you said you loved me too

That faithful day that hurt so bad
the day you left my life for good
both the best and the worst day
I remember it so well
I remember crying for three weeks

They all believe I was over you long ago and that I've moved on.
I say you don't even cross my mind anymore
and they say 'Good, he wasn't right for you anyway'.
I say I couldn't care less about what you're up to these days,
or that you've forgotten all about me.
I tell them the dreams I have about you mean nothing
and that I threw your photo away

I tell them that day meant nothing
and you didn't break my heart,
You didn't hurt me
and you never made me cry
I don't care that you're with her now
or that you never say hello

They think I'm moving on now
and I think I am too,
I did love you once
it was strong and it was true
But you messed up your chance, love
that day you decided I wasn't worth it
or I wasn't your type
that I'm too young, too ugly or simply
not good enough for you
And now all I feel for you is something close to hate
Its strong and its true
But I hate myself even more
for falling for you

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