'' It's Such A Joy To Write ''

Poem By Bri Mar

I'm feeling terse,
I wonder why,
In words I'll immerse,
Before I cry,
A poetic verse?
I'll give it a try,
Perhaps I'll see the light.

A word or two,
To get me started,
Will one verse do,
Before I've parted,
It's always true,
No half-hearted,
Don't ever dare say, might.

I'm on my way,
The words are flowing,
What can I say,
My mind is glowing,
Without delay,
It just keeps growing,
I've written through the night.

One step ahead,
Ten steps back,
My brain is dead,
It's under attack,
Where I'm being led,
Is way off track,
My ire it will ignite.

Some call it, freeze,
To others it's block,
To either of these,
We are in shock,
It's like a disease,
We can't unlock,
No ending is in sight.

You're going insane,
You won't give in,
Your mind's in pain,
It's empty within,
You don't complain,
You know you'll win,

‘' It's Such A Joy, To Write ‘'

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