[it's Tearing Me Apart]

It's tearing me apart,
these feelings I hate so much.
someone take the bullet out of my heart,
I need something solid to touch.

I feel like I’m falling fast,
im hoping you will be there to catch me.
and that this will become the past,
which I can throw it out to sea.

I’m crying on the inside,
so as not to let you see.
waiting for the moment I can confide,
when I can give you the key.

The one that will open my heart,
and I can show you how I feel.
how much it kills me to be apart,
how being with you helps me heal.

Stress and confusion have become my plague;
you smile and hug me, my saving grace.
saying things much too vague,
so tired, staring out to space.

I want to be your only one,
no sharing, no trying to compete.
our life together has just begun,
hoping the near past won’t repeat.

So exhausted, stressed, and relieved,
things get blurry, and staring out into space,
everything you tell me I have believed,
every time I sleep the only thing I see, your face.

Together just you and me.
Together the future we will see,
just you and me,
yes that is what we will be.

by Payyton Egerstaffer

Comments (5)

Beautiful poetry. Everyone who read it thought you were speaking to them
Very sweet and well-written. I enjoyed it :)
Awwe I loved it....simply adorable....and flowed 2gether so well. DIMPLzZ
very cute, sweet poem. great job. i love it. beautifilly expressed and amazingly written.
a truly amazing poem very true from the heart