It's The Rain!

It's the rain

It's the rain!
It's the rain that make me cry
Or is it YOU?
‘cause you are on my mind
Tell me, it's the raindrops
that blurred the sky
and it's not,
Not from my tearful eyes!

It rains outside the window
On the leaves and on the roses
my heart spins by sorrows
I cry, and cry
as if… there is no tomorrow!

It's the rain!
It rains day and night
I see the rain falls, a reflection of light
I watch it's swirling as it's rushing by
it's raining now - very gently outside!

I called:Come, rain!come by me
Come, and be by my side
For You and I, we're alike
We will cry till sadness subsided.
To heal a broken heart of mine

Only the rain knows
Of my pain and sorrows
Is it unhealable, whether now or tomorrow?
It's the rain!
It's the pain!
It's my heart being torn again!

Nhật Thụy Vi

by Nhat Thuy Vi

Comments (2)

wonderful - it was raining madly - thanks
I like the insistence and the use of repetition in this piece to draw the reader into the broken heart of the voice and the rain. Well done.