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It's The Truth Within All Of Us That Grows
Lawrence S. Pertillar (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It's The Truth Within All Of Us That Grows

What's reality? '

Come here, sweet baby!

That hurt.
Why did you pinch me, poppa?
Why? '

Did you feel it, honey?

And it hurt too.'

That's reality.
Something you know exists!
Something you can feel.
And if it affects you...
In a way that gets your attention,
With the agreement of others...
Without debate,
You are close to it!

'But still, poppa!
WHAT is reality? '

See this look poppa has?

It's scaring me.'

You feel anything?

'You don't want me to ask you again, right? '

And I didn't touch you, did I?
That's part of reality as well.
You will learn the difference...
Trust me.
You will learn!
It's the truth within all of us that grows.

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