It's The Winners Who Still Write The History

Saddam Hussein locked up in prison he will never more attack
The poor Kurds of the mountains of northern Iraq
He has killed so many people his actions were all bad
And he deserved his nick name of the 'Butcher of Baghdad'.

It's the winners who still write the history if Saddam's army had won
The likes of Bush and Howard and Tony Blair would now be on the run
Or else locked up in prison awaiting the firing squad
To be murdered by their fellow kind and to be judged by God.

For they are as responsible for as many deaths as Saddam if the truth is to be told
And they live as free and famed and wealthy men and they may live on to be old
Thousands of people in Afghanistan and Iraq because of them have died
But they are on the winning side so they don't need to hide.

For his crimes against humanity Saddam is due to pay
And we reap the karma that we sow wise people have been known to say
And Bush and Howard and Tony Blair will too have their karma day
So many have died and suffered due to them though they don't see it that way.

by Francis Duggan

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