It's Their Government I Don'T Like

I've got nothing against the American people it's their Government I don't like
For when their spokes people talk of collateral damage and the pre emptive strike
With their words they diminish humanity as if they did not know or even care
That there is another World another World out there.

They are the World's latest super power but they will not be the last
And like the British before them they have not learned from the past,
We have yet to learn from history that our values on others we cannot impose
Our mistakes we keep repeating but that's life I do suppose.

The web poets write anti terror poems but only from one side
And boast about their Country's freedom and in their Country's flag take pride
But terrorism breeds terrorists and war is terror too
And they do not write for human rights so tell us something new.

I am not one without sin so I will cast the stone
And I for one am not afraid for to make my feelings known
I do not fear any super power they do not worry me
I only care for all of those who care about humanity.

I am not afraid to speak out as truth should not know fear
And if web poets spoke with one voice the World around would hear
And condemned all forms of terror they would not be us and they
And the other side would take heed of what they had to say.

In a World of thirty million refugees it's the poor and innocents who pay
For the crimes against humanity and the war of us and they
And about war and terror no difference between the two
Since all forms of violence is terrorism so happens to be true.

by Francis Duggan

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