Rhythm Of India

Dance madam dance …
With the muse of India
Chham-Chham, Chham-Chham
Enjoy the rhythm of real life
Move your body with beats
Move your steps and hips
Dance like various tribes of India
Being a daughter or a wife.

Dance madam dance …
with the rhythm of India
Chham-Chham, Chham-Chham
Enjoy the test of multi-culture
Take the essence of Kuchipuri
Learn the Bengali dance Brotochari
Vibrate yourself in Bharat Natyam
know its past, present and future.

Dance madam dance …
in the traditional style of India
Chham-Chham, Chham-Chham
Enjoy the test of multi-language
Feel the rhythm of customs and rituals
Rhythm of forests and animals
Get closed with our people
And see their beauty and bondage.

Dance madam dance
Chham-Chham, Chham-Chham
shake your body
Touch your heart and soul with dance
get the muse of various races
Wearing the Indian colourful dresses
Experience the hospitality of India
And enjoy the dance like romance.

by Asit Kumar Sanyal

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