It's Time!

For years, I've let you go
To do with your life as you will
Always being the one with all the answers
Letting no one see how you feel

I know all your thoughts
All the heartaches you've been through
I hear the silent prayers, you pray
When you think your alone, I'm with you

My daughter, I long to know you
I want to be the one your reach for
You are the heart of my creation
I am your risen Lord

I know you don't know much
About all the things I can do
Let's start from the beginning
I'm Jesus, Very glad to meet you

I shed my blood on Calvary
So you might live in heaven with me
I have prepared you a place
I do hope you can come and see

Your time is only but a vapor
Your life will soon be through
You choose where to spend the here after
The choice I have given you

I won't force you to know me
Yet, My heart aches for you daughter
I am your comforter and provider
I am your living water

I'll be your light in the darkness
I'll be your counselor when your heart breaks
I'll be your father and mother
I'll be the morning when you wake

I have someone here with me
He says, darling if you only knew
All these years what we've been missing
I'm here waiting for you

It's not my will that anyone perish
Hell, is for Satan and his own
I want to be able to say
My daughter, welcome home

Sometimes you don't have many chances
Before your life is called upon
I can't say when I'll be back through
Answer this call, before I'm gone

I know you by name
I know the number of hairs on your head
I know you need me to fill the void
Your heart has openly said

Juanita, I'ts time!
Long enough you've been on your own
I have come to save your soul
When it's time, to take you home

I have an important task
Your time here on earth isn't through
All of your family is going to hell
Tell them about me, from you

Read my word when your time is idle
Pray for my guidance each day
I'm waiting to hear from you
It's time! What will you say?

by Lagaya Evans

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Lovely poem and message. Thanks.