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It's Time For Me To Get Tough!
MN (11-08-1970 / )

It's Time For Me To Get Tough!

Poem By Mary Nagy

That's it!
No more excuses!
I'm laying down some rules!
Just so you don't misunderstand...
I'm tired of you fools!

It's time for me to get tough!
No more ''Oh, that's ok.''
I've had all I can take from you
And things will change...

I mean it.
I'm not kidding!
You'll be begging for a break!
No matter how much you may beg
That's it...for heavens sake!

What's that?
A tear?
Don't do it.....I said I'm being tough!
Now you want a hug from me?
I guess you've suffered enough!

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Comments (12)

To see beyond the lesson and beyond the words, then to show the compassion.Yes, i'd say you were a good writer.Love Duncan
ah you big softy you. lovely poem, Moya xx.
She's REally annoyed! ... I'll have to do the tears thing... nice write, Mary, and neat rhyming...
We're not as tough as we think we are Mary! ! ! ! ! We're pretty soft underneath! Nice write. Love Ernestine XXX
You can't help it when that little lip starts trembling...nice write Mary!