EJ (18/09 / Australia)

It's Time To Say Goodbye

Life is easily confused,
And what matters can be forgotten
You can get caught up in a fantasy world
and think it's too good to be true,
but it never is...
It's like your real life, except in another world
So now you have two lifes
The fantasy world wraps around your real life
squeezing the life out of it
You can't breathe...
Something has to be done.
One body, one mind, only one heart
Two lifes
Destroy one and live what seems like a half life
but destroy the other and they are both gone...

Staring at a computer screen, it's easy to get sucked in.
Give yourself a fake name, pretend...
But it's not that easy to wear the mask

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you make nice experiments in writes, be free ad frank in your own verse.... dexterity must be the real feel... sincerely kee
I agree with Meanie, that comment is right on. Keep writingElise--Melvina
Elise....demanding? Not really...they may be demanding of everyone else...except themselves. Your poetry has tons of potential....keep writing....keep growing...keep fighting...and live your life to the fullest so that you will always have things to write about. Notice the world around you.....the people...their plights, their victories....and take them to that still, silent part of yourself where you create from. You'll be a star.
'one must never surrender to demand' i hope you choose to stay Elise, you express yourself very well :) ~kelly
I think you make some good points here Elise. (real name?) :) I feel bad that your introduction to PH had to be as ''controversial'' as it was! Just realize that if you choose to just get a new name and start posting again.....you don't even have to put your age. If you love to write, WRITE! Never give up what you love doing because you don't feel you're accepted. Wipe the slate clean and start writing! Take care. Sincerely, mary
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