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It's True
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

It's True

Poem By Francis Utada

Two weeks is not enough to know someone
It’ll took years to completely see the real person
And for now I know I only knew a part of you
The part I believe what really best describe you
And as everyday goes I wanted to learn more about you
Wanted to see the good side and also the bad side
We are not perfect and I’m not expecting you to be
But all I care is to see the real you.. the one you really want to be
Yes two weeks is not enough to get to know each other
It will take a long journey and a deep sea

But your beauty can be notice for a second and will last forever
Your smile could fill the room with gladness and wellness
For it is like a rose that blooms so red
Your kindness could only take a few second to notice
Your sweetness can make a child ask for more
For it is sweeter than a candy bar
And these are the things I admire to you

Maybe I couldn’t tell everyone who you really are
For I guess I only knew you half of your life
But I can tell them all the beauty in you
And I will tell them…
“Two weeks or 3 is not enough to completely know a person
But it only takes a day to completely fall to a person”

I guess it’s true.

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hope you wont fall out easily as fast as you fall for her (ouch!) .....=(