It's True, I'M A Liar

Nobody knows the real me.
I’m a false person,
With a false body and face.
With false eyes.
And a tongue you can’t trust.

I wear two false fronts,
Just in case.
Only my mother knows me,
But I’m thinking of someone else.

I have two or more faces,
All looking at you.
I display contradicting expressions.
Which is real?
And is that one the real me?

I don’t let people get close,
I get close to them.
I don’t give straight answers,
My questionnaire is curvy.

If I told you,
Everything I’ve said is the truth-
But I’m a liar.

Does that make everything I’ve said wrong?
But prove I don’t lie.

Or is all that I’ve said right,
And I’m still a liar?

by Sam Price

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