(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It's Very Rare That Cookies Would Leave Lips Unlicked

Desired wishes to keep things the way they are...
Is as foolish as an adult,
Putting dentures under a pillow...
And hoping the tooth fairy will leave,
At least twenty dollars for a row of false teeth.
To be deluded with disappointment,
Is hard to overcome when someone has this belief!

And this is the crisis...
Although exaggerated,
Some employing these devices face.
They have been abandoned to deal with unexpected realitlies,
Even though signs of them coming...
Had been quickly from their minds erased.

Leaving those with preferances...
With choices to dunk their cookies,
In fresh white milk!
Or secret wishes to dip into chocolate,
Day or night.
And no one to recommend which to dismiss.

And 'if' sins committed can be exposed for what they are,
From pulpits!
And such activities found delicious and admitted...
Whether or not consented and/or sneaked!
Then why must a thrusting done and covered up,
Can not be happily enjoyed under wet and heated sheets?
Without a guilt that comes to disturb one's sleep.

'I don't understand this at all! '

Cookies tasted in the dark...
Delivers a spark better enjoyed,
When the absence of light prevents a thorough examination.
It's very rare that cookies would leave lips unlicked,
And the beauty of mystery,
Is to let it sit until it finally disconnects from a mysteriousness...
If allowed to be left alone!

I see!
That is as clear as roasted pudding! '

Roasted pudding?

'Turn off the light.
Goodnight! '

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