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It's What Dads Are For

Could you give me a lift?
Can you lend me a tenner?
Can you answer the door?
Have you cooked the dinner?

Have you seen my trousers?
Can you find my brush?
Have you seen my rings?
Quick! I'm in a rush!

Do you know the time?
Can you brush me down?
How do I look?
No! Don't frown!

My friends are all fine.
No! They don't smoke pot!
Yes! We go to the pub!
No! We don't drink a lot!

I need to be there
By twenty past eight.
Can you stop at the bank?
Come on! I'll be late!

What's the square root?
What's Pi-r squared?
Who was Pytagaros!
What about Baird?

What? Wash the dishes?
What? Feed the cats?
What? Hoover the lounge?
Dad! Don't be a prat!

Will you take out the bins?
Will you tidy your room?
Will you wash out the bath?
Will you just use the broom?

I don't have the time Dad,
I need to rove.
But you know very well Dad,
It's you that I love!

by Joe Hughes

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How could one read this and not smile? Ron
HaHa! So true...... But you love them too!