It's Worth The Wait

Drugs can cause a person soo much pain

that is why it is worth the wait

I choose not to use any drugs

cause I want to live my life with postive


I choose to live my life unharmed

from any drugs that will hurt myself and


I want to go on with my life

with drugs as one less worry

Why are kids in such a hurry

to use such drugs as alcohol and cocaine

do they think it will make them older

or is it just to be in the “in” group

But what is a drug?

Is it a substance that a lot of people use,

or is it something that actually causes pain.

A drug has a different definition to many


A drug is a substance that causes harm

to the abuser and others around

Is it worth the pain and suffering

that one goes through to use these drugs?

Alcohol is a drug

though many people think not

if it harms the person using it

then it is a drug

I want to go on living my life

without anything stopping me from proceeding

The choice of not using drugs is mine

for I want to use my brain for all that I can

So what is a drug?

Is it a drink or a substance

or is it anything that causes pain?

Well one can choose to use drugs

but I choose that is is worth the wait not to

use drugs at all.

by Mowie DeCorp

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