It's Your Fault I'M Dead

Tears trickle down my face.
I cry when I realize,
they do not have a place.
Why survive?

No shoulder to cry on.
Noone who cares.
Noone to rely on.
So what left there?

No point to live,
another painful day.
I cannot forgive,
my fear and pain.

Endless hours the knife runs,
up and down my skin.
Always knowing that noone's,
ever gonna begin.

Begin to care,
and hug me when I cry.
Noone is there.
I ask myself why.

Am I that ugly,
or hard to be around?
'Cause then i hardly,
deserve to make a sound.

You laugh at the lines,
red on my arms.
Do you ever ask why?
Were you ever alarmed?

Think of the pain,
I must have been through.
To cause the shame,
of hurting myself. It's true.

It's true that I cut,
and wish I could die.
Shouldn't that be enough,
to make you ask why?

Maybe if you cared,
I would stop it all.
If someone were there,
but there is noone at all.

So when you hear,
I'm no longer alive.
I hope you feel,
responsible for my suicide.

'Cause you and I know you could have stopped it...

by Everlasting Nightmare

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i looooove it :) hahaha told ya it would be good