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It Scares Me How Well You Know Me

Is it too late to hide from you
or have you met my soul?
I wonder if I've told too much
to play a different role.

Say, if I tried to write about
a wild and crazy night
I spent out partying last week
I'm sure you'd say.........''Yeah, right! ''

You never would believe it
(and it never would be true)
but I wonder if I tried to say
the F-word....what would you do?

Would you send me scolding messages
and ask me ''Why the change''?
Would you even notice
if my writings were more strange?

Have I uncovered so much
that you know as much as I?
Do you think you know just when
I'll laugh and when I'll cry.

It helps to think you know me
but it scares me I'll confess.
There are so few I have let in...
for reasons you can guess.

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Mary, I think you've found your own little niche, no reason to do anything different or out of character. And, yeah... I'd say you are pretty well known (and liked) both literally and personally. Brian
well done it is scary when someone knows you really well coming from another who doesn't let anyone in easily
A nitpicker would say it needs some very minor fixes but it is still very well done Best H
Mary, this poem is serious fun - is there any better? ! I think what happens on PH is, we get to know each other well enough to know we don't really know each other...but on the way...we love each other. Isn't that strange? Or weird! But the poetry does that. Can't be bad, huh? Best wishes from Michael.
Very nice, Mary. I know exactly what you mean, and they DO notice - believe me. In fact, since I've joined P.H. my husband looks at me kinda funny whenever I'm online, and he about freaked when he read my poem, 'Secret Admirer.' lol Oh, man. He talked about it for DAYS afterwards. lol Now all he says is, 'I still think you guys are weird' ('you guys' meaning all of us on P.H.) . He doesn't mean 'weird' in a bad way, but 'weird' as in foreign to him. He doesn't understand it. He's not into poetry and he doesn't understand the 'bond, ' - the friendship we feel toward each other. Maybe he feels left out? Anyway, well done, Mary. A well deserved 10. Shannon xoxo
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