It Seems

It seems in the end We always risk it All for Love
It seems in the end We always Fall so far To the end of Everything at All
It seems no Matter how Hard we try We always Lose the Fight
It seems there's No way To make it Right
It seems the World is so cold Everyday and Everynight
It seems there is Never anyone To hold Throughout the Night
It seems I don't know Right from Wrong
It seems like Everything is Falling down around my Feet
It seems so wrong As I look at This Dagger and Think would it Be worth It
It seems to me its Worth it All
But you Have me Wraped Around your Finger
So I risk it All for Love
As I throw this Dagger away I think Maybe life Turned the other Way
Maybe from Hell to Heaven
All because of U I'm saved From Dying
Saved From Crying
I love u and I Thank u
U give me A reason to Live
Just please Don't give me A reason to Die

by Lisa Love

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interesting piece indeed the title never tells tales of its content kip it up its all for love