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It Snowed All Day
SO (USA / )

It Snowed All Day

It snowed so gloriously, all day long.
I love how snow feels in my hair,
So softly, slowly, fluffy fluttering
It falls so gently through the air,
Straight down, no gusty, whining wind.

And all the hills and mountains too,
Are bathed and washed out lily white.
With many frozen tree limbs shining
Shimmering, silver reflected light.
The river is dark and deathly cold.

A rabbit hopping into view, he sniffs
The newly cleansed cool air, and then
The hawk, twirls high and higher
Surveying an endless stretching white,
The river's black and charged with ice.

This smoothly sculpted landscape too,
With telling tales and lively traces,
And just like life that hides just under
Our clean and freshly smiling faces,
Snow hides more life than life upon it.

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Comments (6)

What a beautiful winter word painting. I have always been inspired by snowflakes. To me each one is as unique as a poem thought. My applause. Warm regards, Sandra
Beautiful imagery my friend, WELL DONE HUgs Jan
Refreshing and such a neat and truly poetic last verse. Thanks.
Well Sandra, I have said it before and I am saying it again: I am honoured to know a fellow poet like you. This is.....incredible (cannot think of a better word than what'; s her name) and I notice one thing, you are presenting an ending similar to what I like. Great work.16.4 in my rating. H
beautifully done sandra you lucky person, i have never seen snow so i'll never be able to do a beautiful poem on snow Warm regards allan
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