It Sounded Like

It sounded like
You said “I Love You”
It sounded like
A waterfall.

It sounded like
You were so truthful,
It sounded like,
You heard my call.

It sounded like
A warming sunshine,
The completing circle
Circling me.

It sounded like
Paradise was mine,
It sounded like
You set me free.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (5)

A beautiful lilting rhythm. This is lovely, Sandra. Chrissie
Such a music to it...
I envy your talent. Again, an inspired poem. -war
the simplicity and the easy way it flowed is what caught my attention and yet it conveyed a powerful thought...i really liked it.
I like it. Sounds true and honest. Simple yet emphatetic. I think almost everyone has ever been in that kind of experience.