Recent hardened days of such fog and misery
Invisible now for the uncontrollable adversary
Growing within the confines of my own flesh
Ripping and shredding and reduction to mesh

Dark walls inside a body of my chasm of hate
Fell here and can’t get out of this rage of fate
That this has to continue to release something
Third power inside a demon or another thing

Reaping tears from eyes of such an apoplexy
Of the patience and of yielding of complexity
Innocence is so torn from this stealing of breath
When I cannot scream, taken over for this death

I see the demon, I see the demon, I can now see
No more resisting to now let this creature free
To augment my fury and turn the faces so pale
Decorated by the blood of the enemy to exhale

No more words, language lost in these screams
Of the suffering unknown for brutalised streams
The haemorrhaging of life pouring from bodies
Scattered and so deformed by inflicted injuries

Loosen so the veins; humanity forged forgotten
Tilt the balance of faith as god is lost to bludgeon
Every living mortal soul reaped in fear and pain
Sword, shield, gun and tank abode for the slain

Or machete to incise flesh of woman and child
Mass graves dug and discarded; lime and to wild
Animals to pick at the bodies in scavenging hordes
As the death river of man scourge in violent chords

Then as of light diminish dark descends on fields
Soaked yet nourished by the flow of dead wields
Forever the reminder of brutality of this mankind
Onward and beyond for more the victims to find

by Vision Ghost

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