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(((It T'Was...)))

It t'was in the Evergreen moment...
Of the days of Roses and Wine
Long into the Golden-Gated past
To a time-when you were, all mine;
It t'was a moment of magic-everlasting
Of me, the Elusive Rose and Thee
Cocooned in our own labyrinth of sweet passion
Sharing a love, as deep, as the endless sea;
It t'was in the time of Virgin blossoming...
Heralded in by you my Divine Knight
You were a mighty force to be reckoned with
Plucking my petals, in seeming delight;
O' the memories called out to me
O'er the years and miles of my lifetime
Long into the Golden of Golden Remembrances
Recalling joyfully-to a time- when you were still mine;

By: Theodora Onken

December 5,2011

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