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It Takes Time

It takes a little time
once the hurts heal
To finally discover
the real hurts lie
with your significant other

This is when
we truly grow
and realise the pain
the loneliness
were not in vain

For now we can be there
for so many others
A chance to show
you really care
and understand

A shoulder to cry on
even if only in words
in a poem or a song
from miles away
they will hear this message

It's for you
you are the one
So take the time
to wine and dine
You can have
Your own private party

Life... love
the lessons learned
drink to it all
It's well deserved

Sleep well thereafter
and awake to a new day
Know this
You can still smile
You survived
It was not so much
of a disaster!

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Comments (6)

The essential part of the poem is 'You can still smile/You survived'. Words of comfort to many.
I'm sure all can relate to this. Being hurt and having to wait for hurt to eventually subside. Lovely written.
You can smile, you survived, its not so much a disaster. Time heals, we can only truly live in this moment now, so what has gone is gone and what happens next nobody knows. You have a real talent and express yourself beautifully but remember that as each moment passes our lives evolve. Bob
Time, its always time am enjoying your work, many thanx
Very touching peice, you r very talented
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