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It Takes Two To Make Love Grow

Love, if not shared, will tend to drift apart
It's the gravity of the situation, a Law of the heart
If you care about someone show them from the start
or their love for you will come and then will part

Two hearts at rest stay at rest
Two hearts in rotation will tend to stay in motion
Two hearts encircling one another providing the locomotion
Locked in orbit by sweet devotion

Each one like the other's sun
Shedding light upon the other one
The circle of love grows stronger over time
Unlikely to become undone

But without sharing
Withouth interaction
The connection is reduced to a fraction
diminishing the planetary attraction

Should an eclipse
Temporarily block out your sun
Let your faith not be undone
Through darkness, stay...don't run

And when the moon is full
let your oceans feel the pull
Make love tenderly among the stars
And let your heart's devotion rule

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