It Tastes Like Nectar!

To be an unwanted guest
sitting alone in the absence of the host
eating food 'hot and shining like an eye of a cat',
It is not delicious, but considered 'bitter like neem';

If you happen to eat in a house
where you are greeted kindly with respect,
the host also accompanies you to dine,
however they are poor;

Even if they provide cold watery gruel,
prepared with poor quality rice grains,
It tastes like Nectar,
imbibes with your mind and body.

by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Comments (7)

Very true dear poet...It is how you are welcomed that counts..10+++++
I have read something like that in Sanskrit poetry also. Thanks for presenting these noble thoughts through this nicely crafted poem.
'Poor quality rice'; but, it will satisfy the poor. Nice work.
i am moved by your fluent flow of words...such a deep theme nicely written...nectar flowing
rajendran muthiah, I like your comment here! ! so I give the Doctor 10 marks
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