It Took 74 People To Put A Smile Back On My Face (Tv Advert)

Jenny's the name and that's the truth
And I was struck down in my youth
Such that my face was scarred and bruised!
Yet seeking help, was not refused!
A noble team surrounded me,
In hopes to set a new smile free,
And skills beyond the norm were found
To turn the suffering around.
Now I can smile a gentle grin
And admiration I still win
Yet all depended on my team
Who guided me throughout the dream
That once I thought would never end
Until I saw each as my friend.
The world in which we live goes on,
Man's sufferings have not all gone.
Perhaps my smile will give you faith
Enough to help you to be brave,
Enough to grant you time to heal,
Like me, when life seemed so unreal.
You'll see me on your tv sets
Acknowledging that I have debts
To those who gave their skills and time,
'I give you thanks, you're all sublime!
Your patience and your dignity,
Your humour and humility,
Your steadfast love and steadfast care,
Your hopes for me contained in prayer...
I'll not forget the love I've known
That blessed me though I felt alone...
I pray God sees my every smile
And blesses you a long, long while! '
And to the ones who watch tv,
A special smile direct from ME!

by Denis Martindale

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