It Used To Be Poetry

In writing rhyme for most people there is little money and fame
Even going back the decades of literary history so few rhymers for themselves have made a name
For most it is only a hobby for to while away some leisure time
The back end of the twentieth century has witnessed the passing of rhyme
The literary critics of the twenty first century the praises of non rhyming poets sing
Rhyme verse which at one time was popular is no longer seen as an in thing
Suppose nothing does last forever and time with it changes does bring
Though rhymers will always be rhyming and to the old ways fondly cling
Even successful poets do not die as wealthy writers though a top novelist becomes a millionaire
The famous and wealthy writers nowadays as ever are quite rare
Writing rhyme for most rhymers a hobby though rhymers are born not made
And every writer is needed as links in the chain of the wordsmith trade
Though out of literary fashion the old style writing of rhyme
It used to be recognized as poetry but that is of a long gone time.

by Francis Duggan

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