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It Was A Wonderful Love

A wonderful love
we had from the start
As we melted into
our first dance
and stole eachothers hearts

I took my time with you
for fear it was chemistry
But as the years went by
How could I refuse
Your incredible proposal to me

Not only me
but my babies too
Oh how they adored you
You asked their permission
and they grew up to love you too

The years have flown
since you've been gone
But I still cry inside
When I hear our song

And now I find it so sad
After all this time
To have seen you again
Just before you take anothers hand

And when you looked across the room
so longingly
And took me in your arms
I could hardly breathe

Then you go and whisper in my ear
how much you love me and want me
You are impossible to bare
What a strange way
to let me know you still care

It's cruel, it's wrong
You know where you belong
Why cant you stop
and be realistic
Instead of being
so materialistic

She may be strong
She may be wise
But you will never melt baby
When you look into her eyes.

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Comments (3)

Beautiful description of a heartache.
This is definately something that had to be felt for you have expressed it so well. I know exactly how you feel. But you truly sound like someone who deserves better!
Stunning truthfully written piece........I could tell that this fine poem was written from the heart..each line, so heart felt and pure...sad yet enjoyable to read these delicately penned lines of your soul. Best wishes Tia Jon.