DK (1951 / UK)

It Was In Tongues He Spoke

'Open your heart to the Lord', he said
Leave behind unfaithful friends
Evil spirits i command thee
To allow this soul to mend'.

Then his voice became unreasoned
And it was in tongues he spoke
Her body seemed in agony
As she screamed and cried and choked.

'Satan, you've lost this victim'
He screamed into the air
He shook the wretched supplicant
As he took her by the hair.

Outside her parents waited
For their schizophrenic child
She had once been a quiet girl
But had recently got wild.

They were fundamental Christians
And decried psychiatry
They believed that exorcism
Was the faithful remedy.

She shook and shook and screamed so loud
While her parents listened on
And with each scream they did believe
Another spirit gone.

There was madness in the air that day
The devil's smell was in that room
Then the girl gave up the struggle
As a cloud obscured the moon.

'She is cleansed and she is whole now'
The priest declared with calm
The good Lord with look after her
And shield her from all harm.

Her eyes were red and bloated
And she could no longer sleep
Then she tried to slash an artery
Later on that week.

The priest in truth was Satan
Masquerading as the church
The spirit that was broken
Was not evil - it was hers.

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That was spot on Darling........very apt at the moment
Powerful work david - well told. Shaun.